Case Study: Contesting A Will To Honour The Wishes of Deceased Parents.

By challenging the Will with a family provision claim, we helped our clients receive what is rightfully theirs.
Challenge Will Case Study

This case involved contesting a Will by issuing a family provision claim, as contrary to the wishes of a deceased couple, their estates were given to the wife’s children only. We helped the husband’s children get what was rightfully theirs.

Client Story

A husband and wife in a second marriage each had two children from a previous relationship. Their intention was that when they both died their estates would be divided equally between their four adult children/step-children.

Unfortunately, due to an unpredicted series of events, the entire estate was given to the wife’s children only. More unfortunately, the wife’s children didn’t intend on giving the father’s half of the estate to the father’s two children.  

The father’s two children were impecunious and in desperate need for financial provision.

The Issues

  1. Prove that the intentions of the deceased were to divide the estates equally between all four children
  2. Try to resolve the matter without the added time, money and stress of going to court

What We Did

After difficult negotiations with the solicitor for the wife’s two children, Tony was able to have the wife’s children agree to divide the estate into four equal shares, without the need for the matter to go to court.

The Outcome

Our clients were thrilled with the quick, cheap and effective resolution to the matter which had been causing them a great deal of stress and anxiety.

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