Estate Planning

Safeguard your Legacy with an Airtight Estate Plan

An estate plan protects your assets and interests after you pass away, but also while you are still alive. If you have a large asset portfolio, or believe your wishes are likely to be contested, Ryan & Ryan Lawyers will help you create a holistic, conclusive estate plan.

You have built an asset portfolio that you are proud of, and you want to make sure it is distributed properly after you’re gone.

The problem is, your last wishes are complicated. You might donate some to charity, your former spouse might try to contest your Will, and you’re worried that your children won’t be old enough to manage their inheritance.
At Ryan & Ryan Lawyers, we understand the importance of estate planning. We can outline the complexities of your estate distribution, anticipate points of contention and nullify them, and even create a trust for your children. Our estate planning expertise will always find a way to achieve your succession plan, no matter the complexity.

Estate Plan

While Wills are essential documents, they are only one part of the estate planning framework.

Wills can be contested. They are unable to stipulate how you estate should be managed if you are alive, but incapacitated or not of sound mind. An estate plan uses a Will, as well as other supporting documents, to create a plan that protects your estate when you are alive, and after you pass on.

Documents and matters to be considered in an estate plan include:

  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Corporate Power of Attorney
  • Appointment of Enduring Guardian
  • Advanced Health Care Directive (also called a ‘Living Will’), in the case of medical incapacitation
  • Superannuation Binding Death Beneficiary Nomination
  • Creation and future management of trusts and shareholdings
  • Designation of beneficiaries, including those outside of the immediate family, such as charities
  • Acknowledgement and nullification of potential points of contention

Another important benefit is that estate plan documents do not become public record, protecting you and your family’s privacy. 

Succession Plan

Your estate plan will be more comprehensive than a regular Will, so you can have greater confidence in your wishes being carried out after your death. 

If you are a business owner, your succession plan will also specify who should take over management of the business. This is essential to avoid family members potentially becoming responsible for a business that they don’t understand. 

Guiding you with expertise and dedication, Ryan & Ryan Lawyers offer comprehensive legal solutions in estate planning, property matters, and family law. Connect with us for personalised assistance and committed advocacy today!

Safeguard your Legacy with an Airtight Estate Plan

At Ryan & Ryan Lawyers, we understand the importance of estate planning.