Case Study: How we executed our client’s Will just days before he passed

When our client was taken ill and given only days to live, we went to the hospital to execute his Will and ensure all his wishes would be met once he'd passed.
Client hospital

Client Story

Estate Planning Matter. Our client attended our office in Toukley to update his Will. Although he had recently received a worrying prognosis from his doctor, he was well and alert. Within 48 hours of the appointment, our client was in hospital and advised he only had days left to live. 

The Issues

While our client had a Will in place, his circumstances had considerably changed and the beneficiaries named in his Will were no longer appropriate. We needed to get his updated Will executed before he passed away to ensure all his new wishes would be met.

What We Did

As the client had no close family or friends, Mikaela liaised directly with the hospital and the social workers to arrange a suitable time to attend the hospital. We then saw the client in hospital and executed his new Will.

The Outcome

We managed to have the client’s Will updated four days before his passing, so he was able to go with peace of mind and closure.

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