What you didn’t think about when losing a loved one

The death of a loved one might be hard to contemplate, even if you know that they are very unwell, or if they are getting on in years. In some cases, the death might take you completely by surprise.

Regardless of how it occurs, you may be going into the aftermath of a death completely unprepared for the legal ramifications, and this is where Ryan & Ryan Lawyers’ team of experienced deceased estates lawyers can offer you assistance.

Why you may need legal advice

If you and your loved one have never spoken about dying, then it is very unlikely that they have taken out any type of protection for you in the form of a Will, testament or other form of binding document which settles where their estate and possessions will go.

If you don’t have a document like this, then you need legal advice to help you settle the estate.

Insurance and bank accounts

It is not unusual for even healthy people to have life insurance, so you may be expecting to receive a lump sum after death. You will also find that any bank accounts have been frozen – although this can vary between states and territories.

Notifying the bank and insurance companies of the death may require the assistance of Ryan & Ryan Lawyers.

Settling Probate and being an executor

If there is a Will or testamentary document, then you will need to find out who is named as the executor of the Will. They are basically the enforcer of the document, ensuring that the provisions are fulfilled.

Probate, the process that will transfer possessions to their new owner, can be completed much more easily with the help of a legal team.

Titles and shared possessions

Where you have shared property or possession titles with your loved one, you may believe that you are now entitled to the full share. However, this can depend upon the legal basis of your share, and sometimes that half-share is divided between several others.

Legal assistance can make claiming the title much easier.

Get help today

If your loved one has not made any after-death arrangements for the division of property and finances, then seeking the help of professional deceased estates lawyers is a must. You can send an enquiry to Ryan & Ryan Lawyers by contacting us online, or by calling 02 4397 1500 now.

The above is not intended as legal advice. You should obtain legal advice in relation to your own specific circumstances.

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